WormieBy Liz Brajevich

The Worm Team at Michigan State began composting in the Bailey Greenhouse in 2012. The Be Spartan Green Student Project Fund funds this new program. Granted $5,000, the worm team set up three vermicomposting bins. Worms are breaking down food scraps from the Brody Cafeteria and turning them into a nutrient rich fertilizer that can even be used on the Bailey Greenhouse?s own crops. Closing the loop is an important part of the project, but so is spreading awareness. Bins are being distributed to students living in Bailey Hall so that they can use worms to compost their own food waste, from tea bags to banana peels. Worm bins, unlike traditional hot composting methods, do not give off an odor, and the process of generating compost can take as few as six weeks! The Worm Team has members doing research for the University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum,  an outreach team that helps coordinate events and spread knowledge, and a management team in charge of maintaining the bins in the Bailey Green House by picking up food waste from the Brody Cafeteria weekly.  There is always room for more helping hands!

 The Worm Team has begun selling vermicomposting bins to families and individuals interested in starting their own systems. They also offer maintenance and check-ups with these new bins that are entirely set up and ready to begin feeding.  If you would be interested in purchasing a bin to offset the costs of placing free bins in student dorm rooms, please email MSUworms@gmail.com

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