By Laurie Thorp

Alice Waters famously said it all begins with taste.

We agree.   The campus chefs at Michigan State University are an integral part of the Bailey GREENhouse and Urban Farm and the sustainable food movement.  Quite simply we could not do this important work without them.  Often when people ask me about the “high price” of organic veggies I ask them to taste the difference between food trucked in from miles away and something freshly harvested.  Our chefs not only appreciate the flavor profile of our product, they understand that sustainably grown food doesn’t cost more—it accounts for all the relationships in our food web.  As an educator I can’t imagine a better learning experience for our students than the partnership they have with our chefs. The opportunity to work with a real client and receive feedback about the quality of their product is priceless experiential learning.  I especially love to see the pride that our student farmers display when they return from one of the campus kitchens from a delivery. This new generation of farmers and chefs are healing the earth by slowing down and creating meaningful relationships around the shared joy of good food.

2013-2014 Bailey Greenhouse manager Charles Defever meets with MSU Chef Kurt Kwiatkowski

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