04-03-028-verbenaLemon Verbena  (Aloysia citrodora)

A perennial (lives more than one growing season) shrub native to the western countries of South America, lemon verbena is a popular herbal tea plant that has a citrusy, lemon scent. The bright green leaves are dried or used fresh in a variety of culinary settings to bring the lemon flavor to different dishes.

Our cultivation techniques at Bailey include regular pruning of old leaves and woody growth, to promote more growth in the plant. Every winter,  before the plant goes dormant (slows growth to conserve energy), we prune back extensively to harvest the last of the leaves, and prevent dead leaf matter from building up on the soil.

The lemon verbena grown at the Bailey GREENhouse is sold fresh for drinks at the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center’s State Room, as well as dried in our herbal tea blends also featured at Kellogg.

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