RISE Cooking Workshops: Bone Broth

FlnSIITdxUO-XccS3CddVlx1ppPK4taCAI0JgIJ_JloThis workshop is all about Bone Broth! Join us on Friday, January 30th at 2pm as we turn bones into soup in the Bailey Hall 2nd Floor Kitchen. Vegetarian broth will also be available.


What’s the deal with Bone Broth?
Consumed since prehistoric times, Bone Broth is made from the boiled bones of meat and poultry. Trends in recent decades have had many consumers opting for store-bought, packaged broths. Homemade Bone Broth, however, is regaining popularity as a delicious and comforting base for soups or even an alternative to traditional hot drinks. Modern consumers love Bone Broth for its simplicity and well as its wealth of beneficial collagen, amino acids, and minerals.

The Bailey Urban Farm and the RISE (Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment) collaborates to bring monthly cooking workshops to the residents of Bailey Hall and participants in the RISE program. We welcome all who want to join us!


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