MSU Student Organic Farm

studentorganicfarmThe Bailey GREENhouse and Urban Farm is a “sister” farm with the Student Organic Farm (SOF).  These two farms are intricately linked by common purpose, philosophy and technical expertise.  First year RISE students gain basic horticultural and farming skills at Bailey and they are able to expand their farming experience by working at the SOF.

RHS & Eat at State Sustainability

eatatstateThe Bailey GREENhouse and Urban Farm works intimately with campus chefs to grow culinary herbs and fresh vegetables that are served in several dining halls and the Kellogg Center State Room. Students work with procurement officers, University Food Stores and executive chefs to provide certified organic, locally grown food 9 months of the year. In partnership with the MSU Recycling and Surplus Center, pre-consumer food waste from the residential dining halls is used for composting at the MSU Student Organic farm and used as nutrient-rich compost for Bailey GREENhouse soil.

Bailey Bees

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 2.54.32 PMThe MSU Bailey Bees is a student run organization promoting bee education and awareness. Located on the site of the Bailey GREENhouse and Urban Farm, these bees provide pollination services for our crops, in exchange for nectar for honey production. You can purchase Bailey Bees Honey from Land Grant Goods. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @MSUbaileybees!

Check out a live stream of the bees down below:

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