We are fortunate to have an incredible team of Michigan State University students who work at the Bailey GREENhouse and Urban Farm. Several others volunteer. If you’re interested in either a paid or volunteer position at the Bailey Urban Farm, please visit the volunteer page.

Meet the GREENteam

BGUF WebsiteSavanna Roark, Farm Manager

Savanna is a sophomore at Michigan State majoring in Horticulture with a minor in Environmental Studies & Sustainability. Growing up in Hamtramck, MI, Savanna was exposed to diverse community values which emphasized the importance of growing local produce. This is where she got her passion for growing plants, which ultimately influenced her decision to study horticulture. In her free time, she enjoys painting and playing soccer.


Lexi Dalecke, Farm Manager

Lexi is a senior pursuing a degree in Elementary Education through the Urban Cohort here at MSU, as well as minors in Environmental Studies & Sustainability and Horticulture. Lexi found her passion for growing food through an internship at a School Garden Learning Center in Colorado where she worked with high schoolers supplying fresh, organic produce to their cafeteria. Lexi has also worked in elementary school gardens throughout the Lansing School District, teaching students how to grow their own food and providing families with fresh vegetables. She also currently works at the Student Organic Farm! In the future, Lexi hopes to tackle issues around food insecurity and nutrition while also increasing access to whole, nutritional foods in public schools. In her free time you can find Lexi chewing on kohlrabi, planning her future homestead dream, or cuddling with her farmcat, Sprout.

evan bio

Evan Beresford, Farm Manager 

Evan is a junior at Michigan State majoring in Environmental Studies & Sustainability with minors in forestry and economics. Evan became interested in growing food when he volunteered at the GREENhouse in his early days at MSU. In his freetime, Evan enjoys backpacking, biking, skiing, and basically any outdoor activity.

Ethan Leavitt, Farm Managerethan-photo.png

Ethan is a senior majoring in Environmental Studies & Sustainability. Ethan recently became inspired to pursue work in horticulture and small-scale farming after visiting organic farms in California. He enjoys spending time outdoors: hiking, camping, and boating. Ethan grew up in Ludington, MI. Growing up, he spent most of his time at the Ludington State Park, strengthening his passion for the environment and solidifying his career goals around the environment and horticultural.time, Jenia can be found painting, listening to 

Former GREENteam Members

The strides that the Bailey GREENhouse has made since its establishment in 2012, making itself MSU’s premier urban agriculture site, could not have been possible without the students who have come and gone since. We would like to acknowledge these students for their hard work and lasting impact on the mission of the Bailey GREENhouse to provide a space of learning and growth for all students on campus:

Brendan Sinclair, John Dindia, Karri Tomich-Baylis, Charles Defever, Jorhie Beadle, Alison Stawara, Michael Klacking, Tyler Vuillemot, Dani Blumstein, Joe Fox, Kelsey Allan, Maddie Judge, Leah Desposato, Joe Snowaert, Anna Jean Appeldoorn, Lindsay Mensch, Mia White, Degen Gembarowski, Rachel Burdt, Corrine Johnston, Bethany Kogut, Caleb Spall, Jenia Powe and Elizabeth Eisenlohr. 



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