MSU Chopped: Call for Applications

Do you like Food Network's show Chopped? Have you ever wanted to compete in a similar cooking competition? You're in luck! Several MSU students in the RISE program are collaborating with The School of Hospitality Business to plan a Chopped-style event here at MSU, featuring mystery ingredients from the Bailey GREENhouse and the Student Organic … Continue reading MSU Chopped: Call for Applications

Lentil & Swiss Chard Soup

By Lindsay Mensch As the warm weather comes to an end, comfort food becomes a must. This warm soup is perfect for fall, and it can use Bailey GREENhouse (or Student Organic Farm) thyme, oregano, and swiss chard. This recipe can also be found here. Ingredients 1 tablespoon olive oil (and more for serving) 1 … Continue reading Lentil & Swiss Chard Soup

Sweet Potato Breakfast Boats

By Corrine Johnston  This recipe is taken from Goodful. Support Bailey GREENhouse by using our spinach, tomatoes, and broccoli! Did you know sweet potatoes are one of the oldest vegetables known to man? Sweet potato relics have been found in Peru dating back 10,000 years. They are also extremely healthy being an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, manganese, … Continue reading Sweet Potato Breakfast Boats

Meet Your Insects: Cabbage White

By Corrine Johnston Cabbage White (Pieris rapae) Accidentally introduced from Europe around 1860, the Cabbage White has become a common everyday sight. They are abundant in Michigan and often seen around gardens and fields where they utilize cultivated and wild members of the mustard family including Virginia Peppergrass, Wild Mustard, Wild Radish, broccoli, cabbage, and turnip … Continue reading Meet Your Insects: Cabbage White

Savory Steel-Cut Oatmeal with Spinach and Mushrooms

By Lindsay Mensch Taken from The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook by the Editors at America's Test Kitchen. Support Bailey GREENhouse by using our spinach, mushrooms, and parsley! Although steel-cut oats are known for making stellar oatmeal, they can also be used to make a healthy, hearty, and savory main dish. The creamy texture and consistency of the … Continue reading Savory Steel-Cut Oatmeal with Spinach and Mushrooms