The English Major’s Garden

By Lindsay Mensch On Wednesday mornings, I rise before the sun. My sleepy muscles lift my body out from beneath the covers, and I climb down the rungs of my lofted bed. With eyes half shut, I pull a coat over my clothes, devour a granola bar, and grab my water bottle. I walk down the hall, … Continue reading The English Major’s Garden

The Year of Soil

By Dani Blumstein Soil. Dirt. Worm poop. Compost. No matter what you call it its essential. It’s my house, my growing substance, and my nutrients. I’m a red wriggler worm. My main job in the agricultural business is to break down your food waste into a highly nutritional substance for your farmers to grow new … Continue reading The Year of Soil

What Does it Mean to be an Organic Zone?

By Laurie Thorp First I must say that I believe we are the only land grant university that boasts an organic zone on its campus.  What this means is that the herbs and veggies we grow are certified organic under the National Organic Program (NOP) as regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Each year we … Continue reading What Does it Mean to be an Organic Zone?