In order to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, and in compliance with Federal CDC advisories, Michigan State University policy, State of Michigan directives, and Ingham County Health Department requirements, Bailey Greenhouse and Urban Farm staff have made accommodations for its production and educational endeavors starting March 13, 2020.  ​This is an evolving situation, and we will continue to review and update this web page as conditions change and/or Michigan State University Policy and Federal and State CDC advisories are updated.  

 General Staff Precautions: 

  • Employees will follow state law: will not gather with others outside their households, will not visit others, will not participate in non-essential activities, and will practice social distancing (limit where they go to their own home, to work, to get groceries and medication, and to do socially distanced outdoor recreation).
  • Staff will openly communicate about potential exposures for those on the farm from outside of work
  • Staff will complete the Ingham County Health Department-compliant CANR Coronavirus Disease Workplace Health Screening form immediately before each farm visit. This screening monitors for COVID-19 symptoms, contact with individuals diagnosed with COVID-19, and recent airplane travel.
  • All farm staff must STAY HOME if they or a member of their household:
    • Is sick (I.e. cough, fever, sore throat, congestion, headache, shortness of breath, loss of smell or taste, etc.)
    • Have come into contact with an individual diagnosed with COVID-19
    • Has traveled by airplane in the last 14 days​
  • Employees will use mouth coverings at work when required (MSU’s policy on face coverings can be found here)
  • Hand washing facilities / stations are available in Bailey Hall. Employees will abide by established hand-washing policies.
  • Gloves are required for harvest and are available for any other use if workers would like to wear them. However, hands must still be washed regularly even if workers are wearing gloves.
  • Sanitizing of shared contact surfaces (doorknobs, light switches, keys, washing equipment, harvesting tools, surfaces, etc.)will be conducted at the end of each workday. A checklist of sanitizing tasks is filled out daily as tasks are completed.

Physical Distancing:

  • BGUF staff will work at least 6’ apart from one another and remain at least 6’ away from others.
  • Activities will be segregated so that only one person per day is using most contact surfaces (wash/pack, irrigation, watering transplants, etc.)
  • As much as possible, employees will segregate tasks
  • Work hours will be staggered, and schedules will be posted one week in advance.

Produce Handling:

  • Follow BGUF Food Safety Plan and additional COVID-19 precautions for food handling and sales.
  • Customers will pick up produce from a designated area outside of Bailey Hall.
  • Gloved, washed hands are required for harvest. No reused bags or wax boxes are to be used for food for any reason.
  • Because COVID-19 is known to survive for up to 3 days on surfaces, and survives longer in moisture, BGUF will take extra precaution to clean, sanitize and air dry all food-contact surfaces (we already do this, but will take extra precautions to ventilate wash pack area in order for thorough drying to take place).

Sales and Programming:

Despite the effects of COVID-19, Bailey Greenhouse and Urban Farm is still dedicated to its mission to contribute to the campus food system and offer students learning opportunities. Though several dining halls are temporarily closed, BGUF continues to sell product to Holmes Hall and other dining halls as they phase into re-opening. Additionally, faculty and staff can purchase product through a first come, first serve mailing list that is updated weekly. Additional product is donated to food pantries on a rotation. Educational programming has been temporarily suspended, though several online opportunities will become available to RISE students.

Please contact Jorhie Beadle ( or Laurie Thorp ( with questions regarding availability of sales or COVID-19 response plan measures.