Meet Your Insects: Bumble Bee

By Corrine Johnston Bumble bee (Bombus spp) There are about 250 species of bumble bees in the world and 15 to 18 of those species can be found in Michigan and surrounding states. The most common type of bumble bee you will see in Michigan is bombus impatiens.  Bumble bees are not likely to sting, usually only if … Continue reading Meet Your Insects: Bumble Bee

Roof Top Bees at Bailey Hall

We have Bee Hives On Our Roof? Honey bees are one of the most vital species on our planet, and MSU students and faculty have united to help - we are working together to create a safe habitat for honey bees to live and flourish on the Bailey Hall GREENroof! Look up - You can … Continue reading Roof Top Bees at Bailey Hall

Bailey Hall Rooftop Bee Collaboration

Did you know bees are the most important pollinators of our fruits, vegetables, and flowers, as well as crops like alfalfa hay that feed the farm animals that humans rely on? In the last 10 years though, crop production has increased while bee populations have plummeted due to the elimination of cover crops, large-scale monoculture practices, an increase in pesticides that are toxic to bees, and Colony Collapse Disorder.